UCSD Cellular & Molecular Medicine Facility

General Contractor: Jackson & Blanc
Owner: UCSD
Mechanical Designer: D.E.C.
Contract Amount: $5.3 Million
Year Completed:2014
Project Description

Jackson & Blanc was awarded the prime construction contract to complete the energy saving upgrades to the mechanical and control systems at one of the many research facilities within the UCSD campus. As prime contractor J&B was not only responsible for the mechanical portions of the work but all electrical and general construction required to complete the project.
The scope included replacement of the existing DDC control system with a high efficiency variable air volume control system designed specially to reduce energy in single pass air systems. Support work included major ductwork renovations, piping renovations, valve replacements, installation variable frequency drives on all motors, occupancy sensors, fume hood modifications, duct cleaning, duct dealing of the entire supply air systems. J&B also provided final air balancing and commissioning assist services to UCSD once the construction was completed.
The entire project took place in a fully occupied lab facility within an occupied urban campus setting. This presented several   unique challenges: phasing the work in (1) week increments, protection of all existing lab equipment during construction, minimal staging areas,    and working within fully occupied buildings that require no downtime of central systems.