Going Green

Energy Efficiency

How can you simultaneously reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, reduce operating costs, increase building valuation, increase occupant comfort and produce a great return on your investment?

How could you do all of the above without spending a dime out of pocket?

With energy prices on the rise many building occupants are turning toward energy efficiency to accomplish these goals. Our sustainability division is dedicated to providing customers with comprehensive strategies for implementing energy conservation measures. Take a look at the sample case studies for ideas on how we can save you money.

There are five steps involved in implementing an energy retrofit or energy conservation plan. We pride ourselves on being a single source provider for energy solutions. This means we can manage then entire process from start to finish or we can step in at any point along the way to assist.

1. Initial Consultation: The first step on the journey toward energy efficiency is a discussion with our clients to find out their goals and timelines. We discuss the variety of services that Jackson & Blanc offers, the various rebate and incentive programs that can be used and our road map to completing the project. During this phase we typically analyze the current building energy usage by reviewing recent utility bills.

2. Energy Assessment: In order to quantify the savings and develop a viable project our team must conduct an on site energy assessment. These range in complexity from a simple walk through to a detailed investment grade energy audit. In phase one the customer decides how in depth they would like to go based on their goals. This assessment catalogs all of the energy consuming devices in the building and provides the perfect starting point for step 3.

3. Energy Conservation Measure Development: After the assessment has been completed our engineering staff will then develop a list of Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) that could be implemented. These items range from no or low cost measures to larger capital expenses. Our staff then brings the entire list of potential ECM's to a meeting with the customer. During that meeting we discuss the financial implications, energy use reduction, rebates/incentives, paybacks and timelines for implementation. When the list of final ECM's has been selected then we move on to phase 4.

4. Proposal review and acceptance: This phase provides our customers with a clear view of the project from start to finish. We show our customers a financial analysis of the project, energy use reduction calculations, rebate and incentive amounts, financing options, energy star score predictions and a project schedule.

5. Implementation: All the hard work has been completed by this point. Our team manages this entire process for you, applies for the rebates and procures all of the equipment. All you have to do is wait until completion to start seeing the reduction in your energy use!