Jackson & Blanc Service

Service, Maintenance & Building Staffing

Our customers are looking for a company that understands their key needs when it comes to the service and maintenance of their mechanical systems. These needs are high quality technicians, excellent service reporting and superior asset management.


Our HVAC maintenance programs are designed to protect your heating, ventilation and air conditioning investment, lower your energy consumption and keep your occupants comfortable. No other company in San Diego and Southern California dedicates more resources to ensuring that their technicians are fully qualified to diagnose your problem or service your HVAC equipment when they arrive at your building.

Cost Savings Through Proper Maintenance

Our goal has always been to provide our customers with well planned, detailed preventive maintenance plans. Your building assets are expensive and need to be maintained with longevity in mind. We find so often that new customers have spent years selecting the lowest bidder and hoping that their equipment will last. This causes premature aging of units and drastically increased repair costs.


Have you ever added up all of your service and repair bills over the course of a year and compared them to your maintenance contract price? If that dollar amount is anything more than double your preventive maintenance contract price then you simply aren't getting the quality service you deserve. We feel that by providing proper service we are able to develop long lasting relationships with our customers that save them money in the long run. Across our 600+ service accounts we find that the ratio of preventive maintenance contract cost to service calls and repairs in a given year is 1:1.


Take a moment to analyze your contract, what you find might surprise you.

Better Technology Means Better Service

By embracing new technologies like GPS tracking, a custom iPad service application and a customer web portal we are able to provide the best technicians in the industry at a competitive price point .


Dispatching the right tech for the job saves you money. Each technician has his/her own unique set of skills and by using our GPS tracking system combined with our iPad application we are able to provide the right technician for the job every time. No longer do customers have to pay for a technician to drive across the entire county to get to your site. No longer do you have to pay for wasted service time because a technician that was available wasn't able to complete the call.


You have an all access pass to your facility. Through our web based user portal our customers can see everything they need to. Users can access equipment service history, equipment repair history, a detailed an accurate equipment/material list, photos of their equipment, billing history and much more with a few simple mouse clicks. This information is updated in real time whenever a technician is on site.


iPads for service. When a technician is dispatched to a call he or she has instant access to the entire service history of the account. There is no longer any guess work related to the job. Techs can quickly and accurately provide written quotes for service work, check lead times for equipment and find their way around your building with ease. All of this was designed and implemented to save our customers money.