Palomar Energy Center - Chiller Plant

 Construction Manager General Electric
 Owner SDG&E Sempra Energy
Mechanical Designer General Electric
 Contract Amount $9.4 Million
Project Description

Jackson & Blanc was selected as the prime contractor to provide mechanical, general, and electrical construction for a new 9200 ton central plant designed to provide pre-cooling to the (2) 500 MW turbines boosting their production by up to 15%

The project consisted of construction of the new chiller plant to house (4) 2300 ton chillers, associated pumps, piping, and electrical gear. Additionally over 2000 feet of 24” diameter pipe was extended from the chiller plant to (2) 30’ x 40’ chilled water coils installed by   Jackson & Blanc in the turbine inlet housings.
The project took place in an operational power plant with many constraints and logistical challenges. The J&B team worked closely with the Construction Manager to provide detailed scheduling that allowed for: shut-downs during very critical time windows, “just in time” material deliveries, and construction phasing to not impact ongoing plant operations.